Standing over Tot

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Jun 22_001

Tot made a very funny comment that I she should be standing over me in bondage holding my cuff keys when at the time, I was holding her cuff keys.  Well, Tot certainly knows the perfectly WRONG time to say something like that.

Face to Face

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Jun 16_002

The updated RR Vixen cuffs makes it a lot easier to look into Zili’s eyes while she is in a helpless position.

2 cute

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Jun 05 2017_002

After these 2 lost playing a game of Greedy at Psi’s, they both had to wear cute panties as the punishment.  Both of them did not really think it was terrible punishment though.

Something Different

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May 08_004

Every once in a while you see something different when traveling through SL and seeing a head that looks like a present at Lochme certainly count as different.

Bunny on a horse

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May 22_005

All lovely bunnies need to be controlled and kept helpless and thankfully, Kala was able to do that to Tot with Nano providing the horse.  I made a note to get Tot her own personal horse for future use.

A Bondage Train

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May 09 1_006

Snow came by wearing a mask and looking innocent in white and quickly had me helplessly leashed.  Upon learning that I had Zili’s keys and was bound who in turn had Lizi’s keys and was also bound, Snow took my keys and set me in bondage beside Zili creating a bondage train.  As a result, Snow had control over 3 yet she only had my keys so one can never trust someone wearing a mask.

I love cuddles

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Apr 17_005

Yes, I am a greedy cuddle monster so when I get the chance to cuddle with someone I like and care for, I take it! *smiles brightly*  I always enjoy my wonderful chats with Karin; we caught up on many things and enjoyed our time together so it was nice that Bea provided a nice beach house to do so ;)

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