A year has past and I cannot believe that I have been on SL for one whole year already.  It has been an incredible SL year and I feel truly lucky to have met some incredible people.

When I started I really didn’t know what I was doing and thought my freebie skin look perfectly fine.  Well, a kind and interesting person called Teddybare said otherwise and gave me a skin that I have been using ever since.  I met her at a hypnosis sim but I rarely if ever see her since I don’t often visit those sims.  Not long after, I was introduced to ABDL by Jill Mint.  She was very kind and very patient with me as I was still fairly new to SL.  Jill is the “baby” of Kimi Mint who owns the ABDL sim.

Later I met KylieSmith who I still know very well to this day.  She is unique since she made RP with a bunch of cages fun.  At the time I was fairly tentative to try to grab someone and bind them in a cage but Kylie certainly changed that with her incredible RP and naughty nature.  I am proud to now be able to call her my sis and feel very lucky to have met her.

Of course I would be crazy if I don’t mention my partner Karin Korpov.  What seemed like such an innocent meeting at MCR when she forgot to return a key turned into her becoming first my mistress, then my close friend, and now my partner.  She introduced me to her close and incredible friend Miss Abby whom I highly respect and admire.  Both Karin and Abby are very comfortable to be around and I feel so lucky to be allowed into their home.  Karin has taught me so much that simply saying thank you is not enough.  I love her and care for her deeply and I wear her ring proudly.

Finally, if I don’t mention my mistress, Jenny Phoenix, then I might end up getting spanked or worse, tickled.  I remember fondly how me and Kylie use to tease and cage her at MCR.  As she learned how to use restraints quickly,I knew she would make an incredible domme.  After seeing Kylie make some confusing decisions, I was incredibly happy to finally see Kylie submit to Jenny.  Over a period of a couple of months Jenny and I played together since we are both switches but it was obvious that she was more comfortable being a domme and me being a sub so I was overjoyed when she asked to collar me.  Jenny is an incredible mistress but she is more than that to me.  I could simply be near her with a group of people and feel incredibly happy since I love her very much.

Some friends come and go.  A few have disappeared from SL and some I see nearly all the time.  But a few stand out like Miss Andi Sao who is an incredible and very knowledgable mistress to Karin and many others.  KittyKat who is Jenny’s mistress and very fun to talk to. I always enjoy watching her keep Jenny in control. Rob who was Karin’s sub and a great builder and now a scary good dom. Lilly who seems to always want to spank me for some reason. Erica Khandr, a naughty neko but a good friend.  Finally Miss Marcy, a kind yet strict mistress whom I can only say nothing but good things about.  All of whom have influence me in many ways.

Hugs and Kisses to all of you and from my heart, thank you for knowing me and keeping me company. I look forward to more good times together.