I was feeling a bit naughty so when I visited TCB, it was very nice that Miss Abby decided to show me her new leashing device.  She was very kind to test it on a certain Karin Kitten we all know and I was very happy to play with the different speeds.

Later, if was still feeling naughty so I decided to kidnap Karin and bring her to a secret location.  It was nice to see sis come online and even nicer for her to “volunteer” to join Karin in the cage to keep her company.

After a while, I decided to take Karin and sis for a walk and explore little UBU for a bit.  It was like having two nice little puppies with me and they obediantly followed me all over the place.

Yay, added a maid to the train.

Finally, Mistress Jenny came online and the four of us had a very nice talk.  It was nice to get all that naughtyness out of me, but I think it will come back again very soon.