Mar 03_002

After I caught Karin, Miss Jenny came and caught Tabora and I and took our touch.  The only way we were going to be allowed to get free of our restraints was to make  a story where the three of us tell a few sentences of the story and the next person continues on from the previous person.  Well, as you may have guessed, the story went in many different directions with all three of us having different ideas so with permission from all four storytellers, here is the story.


(title made up by cheryl ☺)

[18:01] Jenny: Once upon a time there was a beautiful sorceress with long curly red hair.

[18:03] cheryl: this beautiful sorceress decided to explore and ended up walking around for a while before ending up at a nice place called TCB where the beautiful yet innocent sorceress met up with the evil neko ..

[18:07] Karin: the evil neko saw her hopping around on TCB and went secretly behind her. Grabs the arms and threw it on her back, her legs slowly packed and threw her slowly to the ground … In the bag of the neko was a very nice gag .. that one had blindfold and much more

[18:11] Taby: the sorceress looked scareful into this bag. but the neko was sweet and gives her a choice. she told her , she could choose the gag and the blindfolf to put on, or self could get in the bag of the neko to becomes self a wonderful it was her turn to choose what she wants

[18:14] cheryl: the red curly haired sorceress thought about it for a while and looked at the evil neko and said to her “I decided that I would prefer to become a wonderful kitten since your bag is full of very naughty items” *the curly red haired sorceress sticks out her tongue at the evil neko while saying this*

[18:20] Karin: the evil neko conjured her to the neko she needed. However, the evil neko is not the evil neko would not if several things were done to her. They sneak up on the gag that she did not see the keys and left behind so that everyone could doing with what she want. She took her red tail and pulled her over to a public environment where they could walk around naked neat. For a good neko wears no clothes is lined with stripes. The evil neko turned and happened ………

18:28] Taby: the new naked neko was very curious…as she was looking around, she found two bags on the ground, close to the evil neko. she asked for what they are .being..The evil neko told her, both are only for her kinky desires…she was looking to these bags, one blue , one red. As she was before a pretty witch, she took the red bag….she found inside this red bag an old rusty mirror….was looking in this mirror and saw her face full covered with a black latex mask

[18:33] cheryl: as the red curly haired naked neko looked at the black latex mask in the mirror she started to feel something on her face. The curly red haired neko moved her hands to her face and felt the latex mask covering her face so she tried to pull it off but then felt the lock attached to the mask. She looked around wondering if there was a key around for the mask when a cute ponygirl called Tabitha walked in with a key in her hand while smiling brightly “ohhh .. look what I have”

[18:42] Karin: quickly she took the key out and blindfolded and make a leash to her mask. In addition, she also equally deaf that she could hear nothing and called the evil neko there to see what they would do with curly red neko. Suddenly came the evil neko plan. And quickly made ​​its secret recipe of the drink ready and gave it to Tabitha order to drink. She drank quickly, because the evil neko said it was healthy and had more energy. Something that is not what is not natural. . Soon Tabitha felt unwell and fainted for fifteen minutes. Just enough for the evil neko his plan to continue implementing and kidnapping to convert Chariita. Chariita was a nice young woman anywhere on board knew and knew surely also to deal with. Evil neko grabs both on the leash and led to Chariita far. Once there were two in a cage and then afterwards got some water for the thirst that came with both.

[18:56] Taby: for the evil it was only the beginning of a big plan. now she had cages the red hair new neko, now black masked and helpless locked in and Tabitha , this pretty ponygirl.. But the evil neko had just not enough. she pointed to the blue bag, which was still on the ground. She ordered Charita to take it and look in… She did as her was told from this evil neko and opened the blue bag. As she did, a thick cloud comes out and gave her the deepest nightmares she ever had…

[19:01] cheryl: the thick cloud surrounded Charita, covering her fully so that Tabitha, the red curly haired sorceress, and the naughty neko couldn’t see her. The cloud slowly disappeared and and Charita was …GONE!!!! The three of them looked at each other wondering if it was the work of a sorceress that caused Charita to disappear. The evil neko and Tabitha looked at the red curly haired sorceress suspiciously and said at the same time “Wait, you are a sorceress!!!!!”

[19:08] Karin: the sorceress had two left in a very quiet island where rarely anyone know. In the blue bag were the things which the sorceress could escape and they had not been thought. Both drank only one glass of water and fainted. While the sorceress home sat on TCB and remembered how best to tackle evil neko could

[19:16] Taby: as the clouds are all gone, the evil neko was standing there, in front of the empty one was in or around them…what had happend ? She had a big plan to capture a red haired and masked neko, a pretty ponygirl and Charita, who found always good troubles. But now ? It couldn´t be..nono, she wouldn´t believe it…that was the point, as the alarm clock was ringing and her dream was over….but what was this ? in her hand she hold a red hair from the red haired neko…

[19:23] cheryl: the evil neko pulls the red hair up in her hand and brings up the red curly haired sorceress … “hmmm … you have nice hair … I think I will call you … PET” suddenly *poof* Charita suddenly appeared and the naughty neko saw her “ohhh, you are very kind .. I think I will call you “my love” and make you my partner and see you on the weekends” suddenly Tabitha showed up and the evil neko looked at her ‘ohhh .. look, there is another neko I know called “Jo” and I think she will make a good partner for you” the evil neko said smiling wide .. so the three of them then grabbed the evil neko and put her in a cage and told her all at once …… “we love you” ….. the evil neko smiled wide yet grumbled in the cage ….. THE END????


Mar 03_003

Later, we met up with Xena and Lacie to relax in the nice hot tub after a full day of naughty fun.