Mar 15_001

At TCB, I remembered that, to stay safe, one has to grab keys quickly so I immediately took Karin’s keys and tied her tight.  Miss Jenny was saying something about a naughty partner weekend so I thought that it sounds like a very good idea.  I noticed that Khianna’s cuffs had some nice keys attached to them so as I was locking them, she took my keys!  In a few seconds, Khianna was locked tight and leashed to me, I was locked tight and leashed to her and Karin was locked tight, leashed to me, and didn’t have anyone else’s keys *I think I heard Karin grumbling*.  Well, Khianna was curious and leashed me in the cage which dragged all of us inside with a happy spider neko Miss Jenny outside of the cage laughing and keeping the keys to the cage.