Mar 30 2_001

We gathered around for another story time at TCB which was lead by Miss Jenny.  Basically, this was a unique way to make a story by having everyone add a few sentences to a story so that it becomes quite unpredictable and fun.  In the circle we had Miss Jenny, Belle, Cheryl, Karin, Xena, and Tabora and this is how the story went:


(yes, I just made up the title)

[18:49] Jenny Phoenix: One day a woman with lovely red curly hair invited all her friends over to her home for drinks and games. She new everyone would have a wonderful time and made sure to add something extra to the drinks before any started to arrive.

[18:53] cheryl joy: … the first to have a drink was a kind yet fairly naughty girl called Karin1. Karin1 took a big drink from the lovely red haired woman called Jenny1 and looks at her and said “mmmmm this is yummy” ….

[18:59] Karin: while the drink gently ran down her body and meanwhile looked around, saw Karin1 also Xena1 somewhere around with her ​​naughty dragon that always blew from glee. She looked and saw that Xena 1 also had a drink and threw a quick narcotic drug in her drink .. so that she went to sleep … Karin1 walked back to Jenny1 and did that as well .. She had Karin1 after 5 minutes it made ​​everyone a narcotic drug

[19:04] Xena: When Xena1 arrived at the party she saw Jenny1 put something into the drinksso she snuck away and came back after a couple of others had arrived. When the beaufticul red haird woman gave her a drink, she smiled politely and pretended to sip, then poured the drink in a plant when noone was looking

[19:09] Tabora when taby1 came in, outside was snow fallen and she felt very cold. as Jenny 1 offered her a drink, she declined and wanted only hot chocolate..she Xanth1 this nice dragon on the shoulder of Xena1 and smiles to him, knowing she had now found a confederate to give all a faint

[19:11] Jenny Phoenix Jenny1 gives a little frown wondering why no one would drink, hoping cheryl1 might have some when she arrives, but shrugs and goes to get the “games” she had in store for everyone

[19:13] Cute Dolly Belle: All this time the lovely red-haired woman was busy preparing drinks and passing them out. Little did she realize that in the process, she was splashing quite a lot on her hands….and her secret ingredient was absorbed through the skin just fine. All at once a great wave of dizziness came over her, and she staggered into the middle of the living room, grinning, walking on tiptoes for no apparent reason.

[19:18] cheryl joy: Just then cheryl1 and Belle1 came in and saw Jenny1 collapse on the floor. Taby1, Xena1, Karin1 also gathered around curiously and Xena1 said “ohhh, it looks like she put a narcotic in the drinks!” Everyone looked at each other and nodded agreeing that Jenny1 was being quite naught then Karin1 suddenly had an idea …

[19:23] Karin: Karin1 felt the eyes were directed by anyone and was trying to get something to come up and try to change the subject and asked everyone how the experiences of this whole … Because Karin1 had a suspicion that a kidnapping in this game was … but by who?

[19:25] Xena: Xena1 looks at all the others and says, “You know, Jenny1 is way to sweet to do this on her own, one of you pt her up to this! I think we should tie Jenny1 up nice and tight so when she wakes up we can question her

[19:29] Tabora Taby1 was in patience. slowly she saw all other fallen down to the floor..what happened.well all was shaling Jenny1 hands and the poison started to get active, only not by Xanth1 and by Taby1, she was wearing latex gloves. she tought now with the help from Xanth1 to do…but Xanth1 spouts a cloud of fire to her and she got dizzy too only seeing Jo1 coming in and laughing

[19:33] Jenny Phoenix the bag Jenny was carrying spills out onto the floor, and one of the things in the bag was magic latex duct tape…. the duct tape starts to whirl around and takes note of all who are unconscious

[19:36] Cute Dolly Belle: Jenny is barely done thinking “I should really get a latch for the magic duct tape bag” when it whirls around her, since it has identified her, being conscious, as the most likely to cause trouble. In instants she is bound and gagged, squirming helplessly on the floor. Then what’s left of the magic duct tape zings off to deal with the rest of the unconscious figures on the floor.

[19:41] cheryl joy: after Jenny1, Belle1, Cheryl1, Karin1, Xena1, and Taby1 is fully bound with the magic latex duct tape, Jo1 looks around and smiles very happily and says “ohhh everyone is bound except me .. it must be because I am a very sweet neko, ojeeee, I guess I better unbind someone … but who” Jo1 looks around wondering who to untie then comes up with an idea ….

[19:46] Karin: she looks good just once and they decided to Taby1 release. In this way their idea further work. Taby1 thought of many things and said this softly Jo1 and they both started laughing loudly

[19:50] Xena: Xena1 lays semi concious having taken an antidotebeforeshe came she is only partly unconcious when the ducttapewrapsaround her, she beckons quietly to Xanth1tocut the tape with his claws

[19:54] Tabora after Jo1 cut this tape from Taby1, both were kissing and laughing..they were so happy, that they forgot to control the tightness of all they were cuddling, Xena1 came from her backside to them and ordered Xanth1 to narcotize both with his spouting fire…Jo1 and Taby1 fallen fast to the ground, just as Jenny1 awake from her faint

[19:58] Jenny Phoenix Jenny1 starts to wake and slowly begins to realize that her magic latex duct tape was running rampant…. then let’s out a mmmphhhhhh as everyone who was caught by it quickly starts to take a ball shape as the tape continues to bind people… forcing those already restrained, into ball shapes. rolling on the floor

[20:01] Cute Dolly Belle: But just then, the clock in the hallway struck midnight, and as we all know, magic duct tape that has been dropped on the floor loses its power at the next midnight. Suddenly a half dozen gasping, red-faced women sprang to their feet, caught their breaths, and turned menacingly toward the ones responsible for this whole mess.

[20:05] cheryl joy: after everyone looked at each other for a little bit, all eyes suddenly turned directly to the lovely red curly haired woman Jenny1. They all then looked at each other again and gave each other a nod and a wink and start to slowly moving towards Jenny1 as a group …

[20:10] Karin: Jenny1 started all the balls to roll to a place and she closed the door. Everyone looked surprised at each other and each started to wonder what to do next. Cheryl1 started a great and tried to get her duck tape then also loosen. And there went to a full time before it was loose.

[20:13] Xena: Suddenly everyoneis sitting around the table, enjoying themselves.Xena1 realizes she has had a strange vision and awoke jsut as Jenny1 was starting to serve drinks. “Stop! don’t touch that it’s durgged!, she yells as she jumps up form the table!

The End