Jun 23_002

Our third story made at TCB.  As usual, with so many adding to the story it goes in many directions but it seems to come together in the end.  Enjoy.

The Superhero.

Jenny Phoenix (mcskivies): Our story begins with 5 super heroes. Jenny the red who has the ability to create ice restraints around the wrists, neck, ankles and mouths of her enemies. Next was Karin the kitten who could….

Karin (karin.korpov): the kitten who can not do much more because it was riveted in the ice. And I looked in the round and came to discover that there were four others, including a witch and a sweetheart in the blue pants had. All of which were also strong in the ice. Suddenly something happens and hear everything around me and look puzzled what happened … because …..

cheryl joy (cheryljoy): then the sweetheart in blue was a true superhero who wanted to do good for everyone in TCB land. So the Sweetheart Cheryl was able to break the ice but made sure the evil blonde witch was kept stuck in her blue ice cube so that she could never escape and cause naughtyness to all the sweet people in beautiful TCB land.

Khianna (khee44): Unfortunately, the poor imprisoned girl wasn’t a witch at all – just a helpful soul who had come to TCB bringing clever devices to try and trap the true evil ones. But once she was frozen helplessly in the ice cube she had no way to explain this to anyone – all she can do is stare out helplessly while the perilous cold steadily leaches her life away. Already she can no longer feel her toes – but surely one of these other heros is bound to rescue a damsel in distress!

Suki (letitias): The platinum haired girl shakes her hair getting rid of the water after the ice melts feeling the cold metal around her wrists wondering where they came from looking to the blue box wondering if she frees the witch inside that should would hlep in getting rid of the solid cuffs. She summons her powers as her eyes turn red shooting out a laser cutting through the locks containing her.

Jo (jolande.belar): I saw the key and thought this is not right. I now know that it was not a witch, I opened the door and let Khianna free, so who had locked her must know more, we went with them all to Cheryl with the blue magic pants where the secret inside. we pooled our forces to put Cheryl forever behind the glass, ice was not strong genoeg.ze tried to do some back, but we were too strong

Jenny Phoenix (mcskivies): I notice that some of the heroes are escaping my ice restraints and decide that it would be a good idea to run before they turn on me. However on my way out, I run into a new hero, Meghan the naughty….

Karin (karin.korpov): Meghen the naughty saw that everybody wants walk away and she tried so quickly as she could the keys from everybody take.. because she likes shiny keys… she walks fast and fast… only it works not really more.. The girl with magic pants was locked with somebody else and she get again the ice back on her legs… after that tries Meghan again with somebody else of the heroes… with the name Jenny.. … she has red hair and she tries fast walking and in once…………

cheryl joy (cheryljoy): the sweetheart hero watches at the new villian Meghan the naughty swoops down from the sky and catches the red haired Jenny as she is trying to escape. Meghan the naughty uses her incredible super power that causes Jenny to get cuffs to magically appear on her and before Jenny could even fight back *click* they are locked .. but then .. as Meghan the Naughty is laughing with glee …….

Khianna (khee44): …the ground beneath begins to rumble and shake, knocking everyone off their feet. The blue glass box begins to rattle as the shaking grows worse, then finally tips over and shatters against the rocky ground. A rumbling noise gets steadily louder and louder as the tremors get worse and the ground begins to bulge upwards, swelling quickly from a lump, to a mound, to a small hill – which finally splits open to reveal ….

Suki (letitias) steps back looking at the ground swelling finally splitting open to reveal thousands of little blue creatures crawling out scampering towards everyone…..Looking in shock she summons her powers again only this time internally…superheating her body it evaporates into a cloud that whisps away in the wind leaving the other superpowers to deal with the little creatures

Meghan (myggen): The blue creates bite everyone and seem to slowly paralyze everyone. In a last effort to save herself from Jenny, Meghan gags Jenny and throws the key to Karin. It’s the last thing she does before …

Jo (jolande.belar): key to Karin. It’s the last thing she does before little Jo would be awake with its special forces in her pants to get back to help. Anyone on the legs and run after Jo

Jenny Phoenix (mcskivies): regardless of how fast everyone tries to run, all our heroes are bound tightly in armbinders, gagged silently, and hogtied. Then the blue creatures carry every off to the auction to be sold as sex slaves to the highest bidder.

The End.