Sep 08_003

Well, Mistress Jenny wanted to have another story time, so we all gathered and put together a story with a nice big group of us.  As usual, with each person continuing were the last one left off, the story can goes in quite random directions at times.  Of course, with this group of people, it is almost expected that there would be some BDSM in it.  Enjoy.


[13:16] Jenny Phoenix: A mermaid was getting ready for a slumber party with her girl-friends, when a package arrived. She had ordered the package a week earlier for the party but was running late. So she finished up getting ready, grabbed the package and left quickly to see her friends. Just what could be in this package?
[13:20] cheryl joy: After the mermaid left for the party, another mermaid that lives in the home swam down and saw the package laying beside the door. Being curious, the mermaid looked at the package and noticed it had a bit of a rubbery smell. So, still curious, she opened the package ….
[13:24] Karin: and she saw a nice rubbery dress and a nice naughty dildo. It was so nice that she wanted to try it in front of her mirror but when she did that….. the other mermaid came back to get the package and…
[13:29] Dr. Taby whispers: the mermaid saw the other mermaid, she realized , it was her sister…and she had bought this dress for her. but her sister wasn´t be say, that she like rubber….but so it was a way to activate her curiosity …but this was not only the thing , she had planed with her sister mermaid
[13:31] niki whispers: walking over to her sister mermaid, she smoothed the rubber gently so the dress fit her perfectly . ..her sister was shocked and nervous as she stood still . ..reaching into the box, she pulled out a collar and leash . ..”she forgot to put this on sister” . . .
[13:34] Evelyn Fetters: . . .. this sister began to rummage in the bottom of the gift box . . . pulling out item after item . . . cuffs and gags and armbinders and . . . wow what could be at the bottom of this package? A surprise gift!?
[13:39] Eryn Zuta: … the mermaid blinks, discovering all that items in the package, and wonders if this is an error or if the good package was sent to them. She examines the cuffs and smiles, watching at her sister. “You forget to add some items i see. Please turn and let me help..” With this, she took a leather armbinder, grabbed her sister’s arms and began tightening it as tightly as she could.
[13:45] Nikki Hunter: She pulls on the leather straps, making sure her sisters arms were securely held inside before locking it, putting the key into the pocket of her shorts and pressing her hands gently against her Sisters hips. Naughty thoughts start to flood into her head as she gazes at her sisters bound arms. She pulls her sister close and slides her arms around her before slowly pushing her hands up to her breasts, whispering into her sisters ear…..
[13:49] Jenny Phoenix: “I think the party will love my entertainment tonight, don’t you?”. The helpless sister struggles in the armbinder, a little shocked and excited at the same time by her sister and says, “but I thought the package was only for the party, not me!”….
[13:54] cheryl joy: The dominant mermaid looks deeply into the submissive one’s eyes “Oh yes .. the package is for you. You will be the center of attention at the party we are going too.” The dominant mermaid then takes out a leash and attaches it to the collar making a distinct *click* then gently pulls the bound sister and firmly says “follow me sis .. ”
[13:57] Meghan: Although she is very nervous and has no desire to be seen like this by anyone, she has no choice than to follow. After a bit of swimming, they finally arrive to the party where everyone else has already arrived and is just waiting for them… Stopping just outside, the first mermaid asks “any last words, before I put this on you?”
[14:02] Karin: she grab the gag when she ask her sister the question…. “But sis do we really need that??” The Dominant mermaid sister looked her in the eyes and said “yes we do” and she gagged her full in totally. Pushed her sister quickly in the water tank and she the Dominant mermaid going laughing behind the glass. The Dominant has much pleasure and walked away with a evilly smiles on her face.
[14:06] Dr. Taby whispers: as the dominant mermaid had locked and gagged her sister into this glass tank, she was going to enter the party…but..another strong mermaid asks her for the entrance card….of course she had one…and showed it the controlling ,mermaid…then the door mermaid said to her : ” you can only enter to the party…if you wear this ” and pointed to a large package…
[14:10] niki whispers: As the tank door was closed the bound mermaid sister could not hear the conversation, but recognized the large package right away . ..she smiled softly to the strong Dominant as their plan was coming together and her sister was falling right into their trap
[14:15] Evelyn Fetters: The door Mermaid said to the Sister, you will have to wear all, that is ALL of the items in the package before you can come into the club dear. Dress rules you know. smile
[14:31] Eryn Zuta: The Dominant sister watched at the mermaid at the party entrance frowning when she was told to put the package content. Getting a latex catsuit with a built-in straitjacket out of the package she blinked at the door guardian “I am really supposed to wear that… ?!”
[14:35] Nikki Hunter: “Or we could strip you naked and bind you instead” The Mermaid at the door replied… The Dominant Mermaid lets out a light sigh before grabbing the latex catsuit, going back near to her helpless sister and getting changed nearby into the latex catsuit
[14:39] Jenny Phoenix: the sister sighed but reluctantly got into the catsuit. She was amazed by how easily it felt going on, but after it was zipped up, she could no longer feel the zipper. Where the zipper had been she could feel the latex begin to move a little…
[14:45] Meghan: She decided her mind must have been playing a trick on her and did not worry about it. Then she put on the gloves from the package, and the fit over the sleeves perfectly smooth and after less than a minute, you could not even see where the glove ended and the sleeve began. “This is really high quality. And so thick”, she mumbled to herself. She looked into the package again and now drew out….
[14:51] Karin: A nice leash handle out the box, she walk back to the water tank. Before she could grab her sister, the door Mermaid grabs the leash and attaches it to the dominant sister’s collar. The dominant sister then says, “where did this collar come from?”
[14:53] Dr. Taby whispers: the door mermaid was fast leashing the dom mermaid and pushed her to a stage inside the party now .. we have a big raffle tonight and it seems you are the winner of the big tech nano suit which never will be open again
[14:56] Evelyn Fetters: The door Mermaids hands were suddenly a blur as she began fastening cuffs and restraints and a gag and a hood that totally isolated the girl. She could not move, nor speak, nor see, nor hear. Suddenly she was very apprehensive and felt herself being moved along then lifted onto some sort of platform. Then she heard the clicking of locks and the sounds of chains and could feel herself slowly being lifted into the air. Hanging by the D-ring on the top of her Isolation Hood. She tried to cry out but could barely mumble.
[15:05] Nikki Hunter: The helpless mermaid now starts to squirm and struggle as she is suspended into the air but all her actions and movements fail. She continues to tug at the chains that hold her securely in the air, not knowing that there is a large crowd around watching her intently. after a few minutes of helpless struggling she starts to get tired, unable to struggle much more and just hangs there, slightly swinging from side to side before suddenly feeling hands touching her all over her body…..
[15:11] Jenny Phoenix: The other sister watches on in shock as her sister who kidnapped her here is helplessly suspended and another mermaid comes up beside the once dominant sister.  “Today’s biddings will start off at 1000 shells”, both sisters hear, slowly coming to the understanding that they are to be sold to the highest bidder.  Both sisters begins struggling hard against their unyeilding bindings to no avail, their lives are about to change forever as they’re sold into brand new lives as pet.

The End.