Dec 02_001

Xena came online after a very lengthy absence and I had to rub my eyes a couple of times to see if what I was seeing was true.  I immediately brought her to me for a long and needed hug and kiss.  For the next little while, everyone that came to TCB kept saying “Xena!!!” once they saw her online.  Both niki and Karin were very happy to give her a big hug .. well .. niki could only receive the hug.

Dec 02_006

Later, Taby and Miss Jenny came online and we gathered around her and I made sure she was leashed so that she had no chance of sneaking away.  Eve, Janice and Meghan also came to visit and chat since Xena was missing for so long.  Xena explained that she was not back permanently but wanted to see us after such a long period of time and that she doesn’t know when she will next be online or for how much, but I personally felt very happy to be able to spend this time with her.

Dec 02_008

Finally, we all had to go.  So with one last big hug and kiss I reluctantly unleashed her.   I hope to see her again soon but when the time is right for her. *kisses*