Dec 22_003

Karin had her Christmas party at her place and nearly everyone in our family came.  Karin gave a nice little speech to all of us and did a wonderful job decorating.

Dec 22_009

One thing I did while at the Christmas party was recollar my pet niki.  The collar I gave her is special since it is given to her from me and it matches my other pet’s Xena’s collar.  Now, they can both see each other as sisters with the same collar.

Dec 22_008

There was one other little surprise as Karin collared Suzanne and was welcomed into our family.  Wow, a day of two collars, it must be Christmas.

Dec 22 1_002

I honestly cannot remember another time that so many of us were online at the same time.

Dec 22_011

After some nice fireworks from Taby, we opened the presents.  Karin’s presents were a little naughty as we experience a little bit of fun restrictions from them.

Dec 22 1_004

After some dancing, Taby and I went to bring Xena home but not before some naughtiness as I locked Xena in her Angel outfit.  Well, the little devil inside Xena came and locked me in my Christmas outfit before she logged off.  Taby smiled thinking Xena forgot to bind her legs but even with the big white mittens I was wearing, I quickly locked Taby’s legs and held on to the keys for Xena or me to open later.

Merry Christmas everyone.