Dec 28_001

After landing at TCB, I noticed Karin was naked so I kindly helped her into a nice straitjacket to stay warm.  I saw my sweet naked pet tightly bound so I freed her from her cuffs for a little bit so that she can stretch her arms.  Of course, since niki was free, someone had to take her restrictions so I quickly cuffed Taby and Xena nice and tight.  Mistress Jenny noticed the playful atmosphere and slipped on my straitjacket and stuck a binky in my mouth.  Well, I was helpless now and couldn’t be too much more playful but then I was reminded of  Karin’s rule #1 when binding others – take their touch.  I forgot to take Xena’s touch and Mistress Jenny suddenly found herself with a binky in her mouth as well.   Small oops ☺

No one could save this group, not even tightly bound SuperSis.