Jan 11_001

It seems that Mistress thinks that a CBW (Cheryl Bound Week) is long overdue so after being restrained in an armbinder on Friday, I found myself at Psi’s on Saturday, leashed and a bit .. ummm .. *blushes* .. exposed.

Jan 11_003

Later Karin came and “helped” by adding foggy environmental restrictions and relocking my chastity belt.  Karin is so “helpful” at times.

Jan 12_006

By Sunday, I found myself bound at Lochme with many people willing to spank me.  *makes a note writing down Evelyn, Jaden, Karin and Heather down on my naughty list*  I have a feeling that CBW is going to be a LONG week.  Hopefully my behind will be able to last that long.