Mar 09 1_006

It is story circle time again and Mistress Jenny started us on a BDSM Party theme.  Always enjoyable to do, this story certainly had some twists and turns.  Enjoy.

The BDSM Party

Jenny: As you slowly wake up, none of you can remember what just happened.  Last thing you remember was drinking something at a bar, from a very cute red head with curly hair.  Much to everyone’s surprise you all wake up naked in a room lit by candle light. There are a few strange devices as well as “accessories” you notice.  Just then a voice comes on an Intercom, “welcome my guests to my first ever BDSM party, as you see there are many accessories, so please feel free to experiment and I’ll be with you all shortly”.  As you take a closer look there is ever kind of imaginable piece of clothing and restraint in latex, leather and silk….

Cheryl: looks down at my naked body and blush and looks around seeing the clothing and other accessories. I pick up what looks like a full latex body binder and passes it over to Karin. “Here you go Karin, try this on. It looks like it will fit you well.

Karin:  takes the body latex binder and without knowing what I do I pull nervously. Look the other way and suddenly hear a final close, swallows as well, and fear that the end of the latex body is. Growls here and watch the abductor and try to behave myself, but equally, even though it is very difficult

Niki:  Watches Miss and looks nervously . ..smiling up to Mistress who looks to be picking up another item . ..

Lucia: watches the evil kidnapper and her victim with a giggle as she wanders over to the pile of clothes and toys, search through them till she finds a shiny black catsuit and a pink ball gag. Turning to the pair with a smirk “Heys this will go well with the binder hehe” as kitty hands the gag to Cheryl

Gwen:  looks around nervously and watches the everyone try on their “accessories” I can help but think “I knew there was a good reason I don’t drink.” Suddenly, I notice some nice dark maroon harness with matching cuffs. I quickly dart and put them on. I then look over and see a very tightly bound Miss Karin.

Jenny: you hear a chuckle come on over the intercom as you hear my voice again, “oh, and I forgot to mention the locks you may lock on yourself or others won’t unlock for 48 hours and have no actual keys. I hope this won’t be an inconvenience to any of you”

Cheryl: raises an eyebrow hearing the announcement “hmmm …. 48 hours” and looks at Karin grinning and finds a hood in the pile of accessories. “Ohhhh look Karin .. this will look great on you for the next 48 hours”. I take the hood and slips it on her head and locks it in place.

Karin:  feel the hood come at me and realize that this have been the week that I have seen to day light. the last hours Try my head to move so that the hood no longer can .. a lot of 48 hours, which are crazy times. Turn my head between my legs and ……..

Niki:  As Mistress is fitting the hood to Miss’ head . ..i am grabbing as many devices and cuffs as possible to lock on myself . ..”yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay . ..48 hours”

Lucia:  slips into the form fitting catsuit she found, zipping it up with a grin as she glances over to see a bound and hooded figure struggling at cheryls feet. A gleam in the kittys eye as she look for a poor victim..

Gwen: as I nervous watch Miss Karin and niki get bound. I start looking around for a way out. and dodge Lucia as she pounces Miss Karin. Playing is fun but, figuring out how to leave a strange place is important. After several minutes of searching I realize there is no way out except the door near the loud speaker. Suddenly, the door opens and there is a figure in the door way….

Jenny: I step out into the room in fully body clear latex and grin seeing the the fun underway, “oh and one last thing…. any latex you put on has something special inside of it, and probably won’t come off this week”. Then I turn around closing the door, hearing many latches turn from the other side locking it secure.

Cheryl: blinks hearing that and is fortunate that I am still naked. I look at Karin’s bound figure but still sees her mouth exposed. I notice a nice latex gag on the ground and pick it up and looks at Karin evilly. “Oh well, since you are bound for a week, you might as well be gagged too”. I put the gag on her and locks it on, adding to her bondage.

Karin:  feel the gag come in my mouth knows that there are no other options. a week, sigh, and try to explain myself but teneer because I see no other way out, unfortunately. Look around and see the many bars around me. Eeeeekkk, there comes someone again …….

Lucia: sits on the bound and alone Karin as she glances at a pair of wriggling yummy looking toes, grabbing a foot and tickling it evilly listening to the muffled giggles fill the room

Gwen: As Miss Jenny enters it dawns on me that this must be her secret kidnapping factor. A wave of relief floods over me and I go sit next to now a very tightly bound and gagged Miss Karin while quietly giggling.

Jenny: “As you are all my family, you will be safe here over the next week.  The door is on a timer and will not unlock, but I will keep you all safe *grins wide* and secure here.  Using many devices of pain and pleasure as we grow closer”.and with that I toss each of you a collar and show that I’m wearing one too, “while we wear these we will not need to eat or drink or use the bathroom…. don’t ask”.  I chuckle as I come closer to enjoy in the fun as well……  The end???