Jul 10_002

I was very sad to hear that Melissa’s Cage Room was closing after many years as part of Second Life.  I met an incredible number of people at this wonderful place that includes, in no particular order … the sweet, talented, toy Meghan, my mischievous sister Kylie, my loving partner Karin, Khianna the incredible scripter and builder, an interesting yet very complaining SamGimp, my very much missed Mistress, Jenny Phoenix, Dolly, the unique ponygirl and her strict, yet fair Master Sabre, my beloved slave Hannah, a very much missed Mironaa, and a sweet, cute Dolly … Belle.  Of course I can never forget my times I met and played with Melissa.  I have to thank her deeply for providing me and many others with a place to meet and play.  Thank you Melissa Marder for making this place and creating incredible memories for many here.

Jul 16_001

*MCR being demolished*

It was very fun while it lasted.