May 31_001

Hi, something a little bit different.  I was asked to promote an item for a SL friend which I was hesitant but I did agree to advertise it on my blog if they wanted.  She said that was fine so I will show the restraint item on this post and let you decide if they want to get it or not.  I have seen some review sites come and go and I don’t plan to give a personal review, but if you are curious, I was following Aria’s review site for a while at

The mesh rope I am showing can be found at Shop Makiko:

A Japanese Shibari Bondage shop.  I tried the mesh rope from the shop which has three parts in it, an arms part, a crotch part, and a legs part.  Generally, I believe most would use all three parts but there is the option to use one part at a time.  The arms part gives the ability to bind all three parts at once.  The RLV menu must be used prior to binding as it disappears once the “victim” is in bondage which includes the very useful restriction of detach as well of many others.

It is not a key based system so control will have to be given to an owner to use the ropes.  Other options in the arms menu include changing the color to 8 different options and changing the texture to chain or rope as well as a timer feature.

The Legs control the poses which have 9 options.  Some are below such as …

May 31_002


May 31_003


May 31_004

and Agura

As well there are two different camera angles for the victim to look at themselves when moving around.  You can find the shibari ropes at Makiko’s store if you are interested and you can peek at a video of it at: