Feeling Melancholy


Apr 06_001

There are days where one is in a gloomy state of mind.  Family is so important for my own personal strength and confidence and sometimes that confidence can be shaken and even tested but I do hope the best for all, regardless, and look forward to the days that are to follow.

Just thinking of my Mistress today …

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Jenny and Cheryl cuddle Jun 29 2014

Merry Christmas


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Love Cheryl.

Goodbye Xena.


Sep 22 1_005

On September 22, 2013, due to real life issues, Xena had to leave second life.  She is leaving with the thinking that it could very well be a permanent departure from second life but even she cannot say for sure.

I met Xena at TCB in early August 2012 and I was lucky and honored to have her add me as her friend on August 18, 2012.  Throughout the next few months I found that Xena was incredibly interesting to talk to and to restrain.  As a result, she became a great, dear friend.  I soon learned that she did have a bit of a domme streak in her so I had to be fairly quick if I wanted to sneak some cuffs on her and keep her and me safe.  The two of us got along very well and she quickly fit right in to the family.  It really didn’t come as a surprise to anyone at all when Xena asked to be my pet and I accepted so on November 4th, 2012, I put my collar around Xena’s neck and locked it in place.

Over time, Xena grew from her original humble beginnings to a truly incredible member of the second life community where she made many good friends, added her own pets and even took a partner.  She did some amazing scripting and building and became an important member of our family.  I am truly in awe of her amazing growth and considered myself incredibly lucky to have her as my precious and loving pet.

Perhaps, in time, Xena will be able to return to second life and she will know that my arms are open wide to accept her back, whenever it might be.  Whether it is a week from now, a month, a year, a few years … she will have someone to return to.  If she cannot ever come back … she will always know that she is loved.

Goodbye my pet.


Sep 22 1_003

Leashing Xena for two weeks


Apr 21 2_001

Xena needs some time restricted therefore she will be leashed to my place for two full weeks (except for the weekend).  All that she will be able to do is chat (no IM’s) and a little bit of touch.  Poor Xena whined, complained and hmph’d but it didn’t do her any good since she is now very tightly leashed with no chance to escape from her comfortable little prison.

Apr 21 2_002

Fortunately she has lots of support as my other pet Hannah, my mistress Jenny and my sis Kylie was able to visit her and help her get ready for the road ahead.  Good luck Xena.

Enjoy the holidays.

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Dec 23 Christmas_004

Into the Wardrobe

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Enjoying a nice relaxing time beside the fire with my two pets Hannah and Xena.  It is nice to simply just chat about various things and I always enjoy my time talking and listening to them both.

Since I will not be on SL for a week, my pet Hannah decided that I will be locked in the wardrobe for safekeeping and she will keep the key.  Kylie was very nice to visit and make sure I was properly put away.  I am happy that I came earlier in the week and cleaned the wardrobe ;)  See you soon ♥

For Abby …

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Just a simple *HUGS* from me.  Take care … we are thinking of you.

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