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aug 05_054

A beautiful soul and love of my Second Life for many years.  Lots of ups and downs with many connected relationship come and go for various reasons it was obvious to both of use that ours had changed as well.  Friends forever. ❤

Planet Ary

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May 01_002

A great place to dance to live music.  Organized by Alina in Aryna’s sim, you can listen to some great live acts like AMFORTE Clarity, Maximillion Kleen, Norma Falta, Liam Wakeman, Denny Mac, Bat Masters and others.

Ary and Clover get married

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Jan 06_003

On January 6, 2018 Aryna and Clover got married and became partners in a beautiful winter setting.  Here Ary is waiting for Clover to arrive.

Jan 06_005

Clover arrives with Toy.

Jan 06_008

Walking down the aisle in a beautiful dress.

Jan 06_012

Alina starts the ceremony with Toy and Ayi.

Jan 06_019

Both Ary and Clover had a beautiful and heartfelt exchange of vows.  The feelings that was shared between them and with all in attendance made it a truly special moment.

Jan 06_026

Ary kisses Clover with passion!

Jan 06_028

Leaving as a couple. Congratulations both of you!

How many can fit in a cage at Lochme

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Dec 09_002

There was only 1 in the cage originally and that was Tot.  Of course, she does not like to be alone in it.

Halloween Dance at Estate Obscure

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Oct 28_002

Another Halloween and another great dance put on by Lady Sin and Pet at Estate Obscure.  There were many wonderful and original costumes with lots of great friends.

Have a fun and safe Halloween :)

Bondage Angels

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Oct 06_003

Charlie’s Angels we are definitely not.

Since Jammy and Gwen are my friend …

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Oct 03_002

… they both got to see their butts become a nice beautiful shade of red at the hands of Gina at Lochme.  Even though I am such a good friend, I hope Gina’s hand was not too badly hurt from Jammy and Gwen’s very firm behind :)

After a long period of bondage …

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Aug 29_012

… Snow Incense feels very naughty and incredibly dominant.

Total Solar Eclipse

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Aug 19_004

For those in the US on August 21, 2017, enjoy the rare total solar eclipse crossing your country.  I know Sammy is as she was inspired to make this shirt for it.

Zili turns the tables

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Aug 08_002

I am guessing that showing the added animation in the elegance cuffs was probably not such a good idea in front of Zili.

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