Bondage Angels

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Oct 06_003

Charlie’s Angels we are definitely not.


Since Jammy and Gwen are my friend …

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Oct 03_002

… they both got to see their butts become a nice beautiful shade of red at the hands of Gina at Lochme.  Even though I am such a good friend, I hope Gina’s hand was not too badly hurt from Jammy and Gwen’s very firm behind :)

After a long period of bondage …

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Aug 29_012

… Snow Incense feels very naughty and incredibly dominant.

Total Solar Eclipse

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Aug 19_004

For those in the US on August 21, 2017, enjoy the rare total solar eclipse crossing your country.  I know Sammy is as she was inspired to make this shirt for it.

Zili turns the tables

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Aug 08_002

I am guessing that showing the added animation in the elegance cuffs was probably not such a good idea in front of Zili.

The Rocking Horse

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July 15 1_002

Gina enjoying her time on a Jammy rocking horse at Lochme with an interested crowd looking on.

The Canadians

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July 1_003

It was fun seeing other Canadian’s celebrating Canada Day on Second Life this July 1st.  I had on my simple patriotic hat while wearing our colours with Karin watching.

July 1_005

Tot was dancing away the day with her cheek tattoos and cute outfit while wearing a sign with a very vague comment on it.

July 1_002

Finally Evelyn had the best outfit with her Canadian bikini and matching red restraints while kneeling in front of her Mistress Dinah.

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