2 cute

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Jun 05 2017_002

After these 2 lost playing a game of Greedy at Psi’s, they both had to wear cute panties as the punishment.  Both of them did not really think it was terrible punishment though.

Something Different

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May 08_004

Every once in a while you see something different when traveling through SL and seeing a head that looks like a present at Lochme certainly count as different.

Bunny on a horse

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May 22_005

All lovely bunnies need to be controlled and kept helpless and thankfully, Kala was able to do that to Tot with Nano providing the horse.  I made a note to get Tot her own personal horse for future use.

A Bondage Train

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May 09 1_006

Snow came by wearing a mask and looking innocent in white and quickly had me helplessly leashed.  Upon learning that I had Zili’s keys and was bound who in turn had Lizi’s keys and was also bound, Snow took my keys and set me in bondage beside Zili creating a bondage train.  As a result, Snow had control over 3 yet she only had my keys so one can never trust someone wearing a mask.

I love cuddles

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Apr 17_005

Yes, I am a greedy cuddle monster so when I get the chance to cuddle with someone I like and care for, I take it! *smiles brightly*  I always enjoy my wonderful chats with Karin; we caught up on many things and enjoyed our time together so it was nice that Bea provided a nice beach house to do so ;)

A nice gathering

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Apr 16_009

I was nice to meet up with Kii, Kimi, Ramana and Beatrice at the loft where we talked about things like contracts and Easter.  With all the unique and smart dominants, it was strange that I was the only one on a leash.

Squeezed inside

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Mar 23 1_003

It is a very tight squeeze to be able to fit Aika, Caitlin and Evelyn into the skinny cage.  It certainly did not stop Aika from teasing the other two.

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