How many can fit in a cage at Lochme

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Dec 09_002

There was only 1 in the cage originally and that was Tot.  Of course, she does not like to be alone in it.

Bea’s Rez Day

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Aug 24 3_001

Happy 4th Rez Day Beatrice.

A nice gathering

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Apr 16_009

I was nice to meet up with Kii, Kimi, Ramana and Beatrice at the loft where we talked about things like contracts and Easter.  With all the unique and smart dominants, it was strange that I was the only one on a leash.

It’s Jenny Phoenix

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I knew she had been back for a little while but it was nice to finally see Jenny after at least a year away.  I was able to introduce her to my pet Bea while Karin had Jo helpless in bondage.

Karin hiding in the grass

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While Bea was playing with Karin’s keys, they somehow ended up in the grass nearby.  Of course, Karin wanted to get the keys so she can get out of her helpless situation therefore she slithered into the tall thick grass to look for them.

Double Training

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Beatrice was in need and desired a week of very strict and quite harsh training, so with my permission, she was sent to be trained for 1 week.  The training itself seems to be going well, which can been seen here.


Of course, I did tell Miss Snow Incense about Beatrice’s strict training and she was inspired to give me 4 full days of helpless bondage training at the same time.

Sweet Bea

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So nice for my sweet pet Beatrice to sit with me after the naughty Snow put me here and bound me very helplessly.

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