The Canadians

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July 1_003

It was fun seeing other Canadian’s celebrating Canada Day on Second Life this July 1st.  I had on my simple patriotic hat while wearing our colours with Karin watching.

July 1_005

Tot was dancing away the day with her cheek tattoos and cute outfit while wearing a sign with a very vague comment on it.

July 1_002

Finally Evelyn had the best outfit with her Canadian bikini and matching red restraints while kneeling in front of her Mistress Dinah.


Evelyn on the Pedestal

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May 28_001

Eve has teased me many times when she saw me helplessly hanging on the pedestal so it was a nice change to see Dinah put Eve on it.

May 28_002

Evelyn was so popular displayed there that it drew a crowd.  Hopefully she will be back on there again soon.

Dinah and Eve

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May 07_001

I like seeing Dinah and Eve together when I go visit Lochme.  Especially when Dinah is holding the leash and Eve is sealed in her ISO suit.

tkISO time

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Apr 30_001

Evelyn and Dinah both find themselves sealed in the tkISO suit for a period of time.  Even while imprisoned within the suit, Evelyn was able to keep Dinah close with a nice leash and wander into Lochme.

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