Two bound on a tower

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Feb 08 1_003

On top of the very tall lookout tower at Psi’s, I kept Emma and Ritual helpless and under my sweet and firm control.  It was very nice to see Ritual again after her time away and it is always nice to see Emma so when I saw both of them together, my naughty itchy hands were attracted to their cuffs and gags.  I hope they didn’t think they would actually get free this day.

After Mistress Jenny came ….

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Oct 03_002

Prior to Mistress Jenny coming, I was teasing someone at Lochme, helping them with their fresh new cuffs.  When Mistress came, I suddenly ended up tightly gagged, securely cuffed and in a very teasing chastity belt.  Later, when Mistress Jenny left, I was put in the care of Sammy’s very naughty sub Emma.  For once, I actually felt strangely safe with Mistress having the keys to the belt and Emma not having them ;)

Collaring Emma

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Jun 19 1_007

We welcome Emma into our family today as a loving pet and sub to Sammy on June 19, 2015.  Congratulation Emma and Sammy!


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At Toby’s …

May 19_002

And at Secret Times.

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