How many can fit in a cage at Lochme

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Dec 09_002

There was only 1 in the cage originally and that was Tot.  Of course, she does not like to be alone in it.

The Canadians

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July 1_003

It was fun seeing other Canadian’s celebrating Canada Day on Second Life this July 1st.  I had on my simple patriotic hat while wearing our colours with Karin watching.

July 1_005

Tot was dancing away the day with her cheek tattoos and cute outfit while wearing a sign with a very vague comment on it.

July 1_002

Finally Evelyn had the best outfit with her Canadian bikini and matching red restraints while kneeling in front of her Mistress Dinah.

Squeezed inside

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Mar 23 1_003

It is a very tight squeeze to be able to fit Aika, Caitlin and Evelyn into the skinny cage.  It certainly did not stop Aika from teasing the other two.

4 in a row

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Evelyn, Rebecca, mysterysl, and Zili in a nice line.  The 4 of them get a lot of attention while hanging at Lochme.

A nice chat with Eve at sunrise

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It is always interesting and nice to chat with Evelyn, especially during a nice sunrise at her place.  We chatted about people and places we often visit with a bit of BDSM teasing mixed in.

A Bondage Train

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Kii certainly had her hands full when she was pulling a leash train with Evelyn, Snow and myself on it.

Happy Halloween

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Pictures from Miss Audrey’s Halloween Dance at Whipsplash


Cheryl, Eve and other scary characters.






And the DJ Miss Audrey, Happy Halloween


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