Since Jammy and Gwen are my friend …

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Oct 03_002

… they both got to see their butts become a nice beautiful shade of red at the hands of Gina at Lochme.  Even though I am such a good friend, I hope Gina’s hand was not too badly hurt from Jammy and Gwen’s very firm behind :)

St Patrick’s Day on SL

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Mar 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Picture is courtesy of petal Darbyshire (aka Niki Feiri) who was dancing the night away with her Mistress and friends.

Happy Halloween

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Pictures from Miss Audrey’s Halloween Dance at Whipsplash


Cheryl, Eve and other scary characters.






And the DJ Miss Audrey, Happy Halloween


Taby’s and Trish’s sub suits

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Jul 28_003

I came to visit Taby and Trish to see their new Restrained Freedom sub suits and before I knew it, a whole group showed up and leashes magically ended up on my hand.  I have a feeling the suits will be fairly well used in the near future.


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At Toby’s …

May 19_002

And at Secret Times.

Happy Rez Day Jo

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May 16_001

7th Rez Day

Gwen entertaining the leashed pets.

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It is always nice of Gwen to entertain the three of us by dancing on the pole.  We were a very captivated audience.

Some Family Time

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Mar 01_002_004

It is always so nice to spend some time with family as I was lucky to have some very nice time with niki, Sammy, Sue, Jo, gwen, Abby and Karin.  Of course, family time can be naughty time and the ones still wearing clothes (psst .. Karin and Abby), were very naughty this day.

A Grabbing Mistress

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Mar 14_004

Mistress Jenny was feeling grabby and that usually means that Karin, Cheryl and Gwen will end up being tightly bound, leashed, and gagged.

Mar 14_005

Eventually we ended up very securely caged in a well hidden Secret Times room.

Mar 14 1_002

Eventually Mistress and I had to leave but when I finally came back, I was the only one still in a cage.  Tsk, so not fair at all.

Khink Cage sim

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Mar 2_002

Be careful visiting Khianna’s KHINK cage room, Khianna might be there and could be feeling naughty as Gwen, Taby and I found out.

Mar 03_001

Fortunately, I was eventually freed even though a naughty Taby kept me safely cuffed.  Lucky for me, Mistress and Heather came to visit.

Mar 03_003

After Mistress left, I made sure to take advantage of the sexy Heather in her pink high heels and her beautiful latex outfit.  She seemed comfortable in her little cage so I hope the 6 hour timer will not be too long.

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