A nice visit from Jenny

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I was thinking of calling her Miss Jenny, as I know she was recently unbound after a long period of bondage therefore I know she was feeling a bit naughty, but it was too late when her naughty bondage ‘copter’ grabbed me.

It’s Jenny Phoenix

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I knew she had been back for a little while but it was nice to finally see Jenny after at least a year away.  I was able to introduce her to my pet Bea while Karin had Jo helpless in bondage.

After Mistress Jenny came ….

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Oct 03_002

Prior to Mistress Jenny coming, I was teasing someone at Lochme, helping them with their fresh new cuffs.  When Mistress came, I suddenly ended up tightly gagged, securely cuffed and in a very teasing chastity belt.  Later, when Mistress Jenny left, I was put in the care of Sammy’s very naughty sub Emma.  For once, I actually felt strangely safe with Mistress having the keys to the belt and Emma not having them ;)

Together Again

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Sep 11_002

It was an interesting moment to visit my sis Kylie.  First Mistress Jenny decided to go visit her by teleporting to her location and didn’t know that sis Kylie was in a cage.  Then Mistress Jenny brought me to the same location to help.  Well .. I did help as the sim owner helped me join my Mistress and sis in the same cage.  I heard a lot of laughing from sis Kylie and the sim owners on this day.

Adventures in Bondage

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Aug 14_001

Mistress came back and decided I needed a bit of time in bondage.  I seemed to have ended up very tightly in bondage in a very secure cage.

Aug 14_002

I saw niki online so I was kind enough to teleport her to me :)

Aug 14 2_004

After seeing Hannah, Taby invited me to her place and told me to walk “into the light”  I probably should not have walked into that specific light.

Aug 15 4_002

Finally I was free of the cages and was able to relax with Meghan and Sammy the next day.  Meghan was lucky enough to enjoy a few seconds of not being gagged.

Welcome Back Mistress Jenny

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Aug 06_003

On my 400th post (wow, I think I write too much!), I was very excited to see Mistress sneak back on to Second Life after a needed lengthy absence.  It was a very unique way to meet her again as I was very tightly gagged, restricted and cuffed at the time by my, not so subbie, pets.  Lucky, she wanted some nice hugs so I was given the ability to hug her :)  Welcome Back Mistress!

A Grabbing Mistress

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Mar 14_004

Mistress Jenny was feeling grabby and that usually means that Karin, Cheryl and Gwen will end up being tightly bound, leashed, and gagged.

Mar 14_005

Eventually we ended up very securely caged in a well hidden Secret Times room.

Mar 14 1_002

Eventually Mistress and I had to leave but when I finally came back, I was the only one still in a cage.  Tsk, so not fair at all.

Khink Cage sim

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Mar 2_002

Be careful visiting Khianna’s KHINK cage room, Khianna might be there and could be feeling naughty as Gwen, Taby and I found out.

Mar 03_001

Fortunately, I was eventually freed even though a naughty Taby kept me safely cuffed.  Lucky for me, Mistress and Heather came to visit.

Mar 03_003

After Mistress left, I made sure to take advantage of the sexy Heather in her pink high heels and her beautiful latex outfit.  She seemed comfortable in her little cage so I hope the 6 hour timer will not be too long.

The forgotten hood …

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Feb 10_003

Mistress Jenny was saying that her hood was on her since the new year.  I thought about taking if off for about 5 seconds but then I didn’t want the one who locked it to not have the fun of unlocking it ;)

Just thinking of my Mistress today …

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Jenny and Cheryl cuddle Jun 29 2014

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