It’s Jenny Phoenix

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I knew she had been back for a little while but it was nice to finally see Jenny after at least a year away.  I was able to introduce her to my pet Bea while Karin had Jo helpless in bondage.

Meghan’s point of view

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Aug 01_004

Meghan’s sees her Mistress Karin as well as her family Jo, Leyre and Cheryl from her nice kneeling pillow.

A Leash Circle

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Jun 19_002

Karin has all of her subs kneeling and on a nice leash but she was greedy and bound me as well :P

A gathering of Kitties

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May 27_001

Most Kitties seem to be leashed and bound by a Karin as Jo and Leyre found out.  Meghan, on the other hand, is not a kitty but is always in bondage :)  I am not sure why I seem to be bound as well.

A point of view.

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May 11_003

It was nice to see Jo, Meghan and Karin while hanging at Lochme.  Jo wanted to be a cute mummy while Karin helped Meghan get back into her bondage after 1 free day.

Caged at KHINK’s

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Nov 21_006

I went to KHINK to visit Karin and Meghan.  Meghan was there to spend some nice relaxing time in the cage so I helped by taking a lock.  A cute, yet mischievous little kitty came in thinking a few more should be relaxing there as well so before we knew it, all the cages were full.  It was definitely a relaxing day.

I found a Jo

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Sep 13_001

I noticed a Jo online who was wandering around so I went and hunted her and grabbed her for a nice hug and kiss.  It is always nice to see Jo, we always have many things to talk about and Jo loves her tail to be pulled and ears to be tickled.  Before she had to go, she was put in a nice safe place so she can be easily found.

Testing the bed.

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Aug 30_003

It was very nice to see both Meghan and Jo at Secret Times since I have not seen both of them for a while.  The three of us were testing the bed and making sure it properly works ;)  Unfortunately, Jo and I had to go, all too soon, so I had to make sure Jo was quickly restrained for future use.

A naked dance

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Jun 07_002

I am amazed at how often people end up naked with Sammy and Karin around.

Karin Collared


May 17_005

It was a very memorable day as we all gathered on this day, May 17 2015, to witness Karin being collared by Miss Julia.  We were all looking quite wonderful and very nicely dressed for this occasion.

May 17_012

An incredibly beautiful moment after Karin’s collar was locked and the two of them hugged each other tightly.

May 17_017

We all danced later to celebrate but what happened to all of our lovely clothes?


Congratulations Karin and Miss Julia!


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