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aug 05_054

A beautiful soul and love of my Second Life for many years.  Lots of ups and downs with many connected relationship come and go for various reasons it was obvious to both of use that ours had changed as well.  Friends forever. ❤

The Canadians

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July 1_003

It was fun seeing other Canadian’s celebrating Canada Day on Second Life this July 1st.  I had on my simple patriotic hat while wearing our colours with Karin watching.

July 1_005

Tot was dancing away the day with her cheek tattoos and cute outfit while wearing a sign with a very vague comment on it.

July 1_002

Finally Evelyn had the best outfit with her Canadian bikini and matching red restraints while kneeling in front of her Mistress Dinah.

I love cuddles

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Apr 17_005

Yes, I am a greedy cuddle monster so when I get the chance to cuddle with someone I like and care for, I take it! *smiles brightly*  I always enjoy my wonderful chats with Karin; we caught up on many things and enjoyed our time together so it was nice that Bea provided a nice beach house to do so ;)

A nice moment with Karin

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A nice moment with a nice chat.

It’s Jenny Phoenix

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I knew she had been back for a little while but it was nice to finally see Jenny after at least a year away.  I was able to introduce her to my pet Bea while Karin had Jo helpless in bondage.

Karin hiding in the grass

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While Bea was playing with Karin’s keys, they somehow ended up in the grass nearby.  Of course, Karin wanted to get the keys so she can get out of her helpless situation therefore she slithered into the tall thick grass to look for them.

Leyre spanks Karin

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I am sure Karin has forgotten that her pet Leyre spanked her a little while ago :)

Evelyn was AFK

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Evelyn was away from her keyboard AGAIN and I was in a bit of a naughty mood so I wanted to give her a nice surprise when she came back.  Both Karin and Leyre were quite entertained by the idea of an afk Eve being in bondage.

Puppy Karin

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Aug 14 3_001

Karin makes such a cute puppy that she can been seen on my adventure site and on her own blog.

Helpless 4

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Aug 13 1_003

The work of Beatrice and Lady Jessica.  The “Four” definitely does feel very helpless at Lochme.

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