How many can fit in a cage at Lochme

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Dec 09_002

There was only 1 in the cage originally and that was Tot.  Of course, she does not like to be alone in it.

A nice gathering

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Apr 16_009

I was nice to meet up with Kii, Kimi, Ramana and Beatrice at the loft where we talked about things like contracts and Easter.  With all the unique and smart dominants, it was strange that I was the only one on a leash.

A Bondage Train

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Kii certainly had her hands full when she was pulling a leash train with Evelyn, Snow and myself on it.

A full pedestal

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Aug 26_018

I think for the first time that I can remember, all 7 pedestal spots were filled.  Snow was kind enough to give me one of the spots on the pedestal while many others watched curiously.

Kii – From Naked to Chains.

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Aug 17_001


wardrobe 1_003


Gathered at Psi’s

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Jun 10_002

I cannot remember the last time seeing this many visiting Psi’s recently.  If only my arms were free to help others with their keys.

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