Together Again

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Sep 11_002

It was an interesting moment to visit my sis Kylie.  First Mistress Jenny decided to go visit her by teleporting to her location and didn’t know that sis Kylie was in a cage.  Then Mistress Jenny brought me to the same location to help.  Well .. I did help as the sim owner helped me join my Mistress and sis in the same cage.  I heard a lot of laughing from sis Kylie and the sim owners on this day.

Kylie’s 3rd Rezz Day

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Aug 22_002

Rezzed August 22 2011.

Mistress and her two pets.

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Feb 13_001

The naughtier pet has the gag.

TCB prison area

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Jan 17_003

Karin was nice to remind me of the prison area after Khianna put me on her evil spanking machine.  One of the cells had lots of nice leash points so I helped arranged her into a nice and comfortable position.  My sweet sis Kylie also kindly volunteered to keep Khianna company within the cell which made everyone very happy.

Everyone is playful

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Dec 28_001

After landing at TCB, I noticed Karin was naked so I kindly helped her into a nice straitjacket to stay warm.  I saw my sweet naked pet tightly bound so I freed her from her cuffs for a little bit so that she can stretch her arms.  Of course, since niki was free, someone had to take her restrictions so I quickly cuffed Taby and Xena nice and tight.  Mistress Jenny noticed the playful atmosphere and slipped on my straitjacket and stuck a binky in my mouth.  Well, I was helpless now and couldn’t be too much more playful but then I was reminded of  Karin’s rule #1 when binding others – take their touch.  I forgot to take Xena’s touch and Mistress Jenny suddenly found herself with a binky in her mouth as well.   Small oops ☺

No one could save this group, not even tightly bound SuperSis.

A nice gathering

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Dec 19_004

Many of us found our way to TCB as I met up with my pet niki, my mistress Jenny, my pet Xena, Xena’s partner Taby, my sis Kylie and naughty family Toy Meghan.  It was a nice gathering and a few of us probably found our way onto the naughty list as Miss Jenny kept me safely in a straitjacket leashed first to Kylie then niki then Taby.  Kylie may have looked sweet in innocent in the cage but she was mischievous when she locked Mistress Jenny’s hair on her.  Finally, niki was somehow leashed by me even while I was bound and Taby’s itchy hand found a nice leash on Xena as well.

Miss Jenny and her two pets

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Dec 08_001

A rare moment when Mistress Jenny and both of her pets are online at the same time.   Of course, we would all end up inside of a cage at MCR.

Happy 2nd Rezz Day Mistress Jenny

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Rezzed October 23, 2011.


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Oct 06_001

It is always nice to spend time with family as Mistress Jenny, Karin, Meghan and I are huddled together.

Oct 06_013

It was a good idea from niki to take a nice family picture.  Abby did a wonderful job in organizing us to stand in the proper place.  A rare moment with so many of us together at the same time.  Limburger.

A new home.


Sep 05_001

Spending some time at Karin’s new home at TCB with family.  The home is quite beautiful and has all the needed things required for any home like a bathroom, a nice kitchen, nice furniture, good leash rings, and lovely cages.  There is no place like home.

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