Something Different

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May 08_004

Every once in a while you see something different when traveling through SL and seeing a head that looks like a present at Lochme certainly count as different.



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Jun 18_007

I know that I definitely felt very helpless hanging on the pedestal so I am very sure that Evelyn and Snow will feel the same.

Tasered into a cage

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Jun 12_002

Little did we know there was a taser that can both make you unconscious and teleport you into a cage.  Bea demonstrated it on us and before we knew it, there were 5 helpless prisoners.  Evelyn was lazy so she took a nap on the bed.

A point of view.

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May 11_003

It was nice to see Jo, Meghan and Karin while hanging at Lochme.  Jo wanted to be a cute mummy while Karin helped Meghan get back into her bondage after 1 free day.

Dinah and Eve

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May 07_001

I like seeing Dinah and Eve together when I go visit Lochme.  Especially when Dinah is holding the leash and Eve is sealed in her ISO suit.

tkISO time

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Apr 30_001

Evelyn and Dinah both find themselves sealed in the tkISO suit for a period of time.  Even while imprisoned within the suit, Evelyn was able to keep Dinah close with a nice leash and wander into Lochme.

Flying Whales at Lochme

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Feb 01_001

A whale hot air balloon was the last thing I expected to see at Lochme.

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