5 subs

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So nice seeing the five subs kneeling demurely on the slave mats.  There was Jolande, Xena, Mironaa, Karin, and Tabor.  Miss Abby, Mistress Jenny and myself were there with them having a nice chat at the TCB store while making sure a few of them were also nicely restrained for safe keeping.

Mironaa’s dirty feet

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Mironaa was saying that her feet were dirty so I was kind enough to “help” her.  I positioned her so I can reach her feet then took out a big brush and brushed the bottom of her feet very very well.  Mironaa was nearly crying with happiness with her feet being cleaned ☺

Kitten and Mironaa

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I came back to MCR after Kitten’s timer was done and she was still in the same cage with a new timer by a new person.  I was thinking that Karin seems to know how to find trouble when Mironaa showed up.  I remembered that I haven’t grabbed her or caged her for a very very long time so I immediately grabbed her and put her in the cage beside Karin.  Kitten had a very big smile on her face when I gave her Mironaa’s keys as I was leaving.

Caged at MCR

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After caging countless of people over the past few weeks at MCR, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to have found myself in a cage as well.  I was just visiting Samantha when I was grabbed and ended up in a cage for a few hours.  Mironaa took advantage of seeing me caged and teased me but at least I was able to see the transformed myggen as a girl *giggles*

Later, Karin came by so I invited her into the cage with me which she accepted without any choice.  I was a little nervous seeing Mironaa, Amy and Abby waiting outside looking like lions waiting to have something to eat.

Watch out for Kittens

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I remembered there was a sign at Miss Andi’s place that said “Beware of Kitten” but I guess there was no sign at MCR when Meghen, Mironaa and Miss Andi was there.  Eventually they did get free …

… but some how Zeph found herself bound with Cheryl … and Karin fainted O.O

Later, we did get together with Jolande and Miss Abby and had a nice talk by the campfire.

5 in a cage

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With many naughty people in one place, it wasn’t surprising that everyone ended up in the cage.  It was a nervous 6 minutes since there was 4 open locks on the cage.

Guess who are the dominate ones.

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If you guessed Mistress Jenny, Karin, Mironaa, or Lucy then you are not correct.  Miss Andi and I had the quickest hands in a very naughty group.

With Friends

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At MCR meeting a few friends.  Hmm …. it seem that everytime we meet someone ends up in a cage.  But this time, three someone’s did.

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