St Patrick’s Day on SL

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Mar 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Picture is courtesy of petal Darbyshire (aka Niki Feiri) who was dancing the night away with her Mistress and friends.

Happy Halloween

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Pictures from Miss Audrey’s Halloween Dance at Whipsplash


Cheryl, Eve and other scary characters.






And the DJ Miss Audrey, Happy Halloween


Niki (Petal) and Audrey Partnered

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Feb 20 Nikis Wedding_002

We all gathered together at Whipsplash, a Clairhaven sim for the wedding of Audrey and Niki, this day, February 20, 2016.

Feb 20 Nikis Wedding_012

They set up the ceremony on a beautiful beach.  With the ocean in the background, it had a both exciting and calming setting and it was perfect for the union.

Feb 20 Nikis Wedding_016

The two of them walked down the aisle together.

Feb 20 Nikis Wedding_019

Looked into each others eyes while listening to the ceremony and the vows.

Feb 20 Nikis Wedding_029

Leaned towards each other often during the ceremony with all of us being witness.

Feb 20 Nikis Wedding_047

Kisses each other the first time as a married couple.

Feb 20 Nikis Wedding_052

The two of them did a sand ceremony which I though was both very unique and clever.  I loved the idea of the two colours of the sand becoming one to symbolize the union of the two of them.  I thought it was a great moment to cement their union.

Feb 20 Nikis Wedding_055

Now an official partnership, the two of them dance the time away.  Congrats Audrey and niki (Petal), I am very happy for the two of you.

niki in purple

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Dec 07_001

Purple has always been my favorite colour :)

Adventures in Bondage

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Aug 14_001

Mistress came back and decided I needed a bit of time in bondage.  I seemed to have ended up very tightly in bondage in a very secure cage.

Aug 14_002

I saw niki online so I was kind enough to teleport her to me :)

Aug 14 2_004

After seeing Hannah, Taby invited me to her place and told me to walk “into the light”  I probably should not have walked into that specific light.

Aug 15 4_002

Finally I was free of the cages and was able to relax with Meghan and Sammy the next day.  Meghan was lucky enough to enjoy a few seconds of not being gagged.

Imprison the family

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June 01_001

A cell for each: Jo, Meghan, Taby and niki.  Later, Sammy and Emma came but all the close cages were taken so they had to share one with Taby.

Feeling Melancholy


Apr 06_001

There are days where one is in a gloomy state of mind.  Family is so important for my own personal strength and confidence and sometimes that confidence can be shaken and even tested but I do hope the best for all, regardless, and look forward to the days that are to follow.

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