Tasered into a cage

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Jun 12_002

Little did we know there was a taser that can both make you unconscious and teleport you into a cage.  Bea demonstrated it on us and before we knew it, there were 5 helpless prisoners.  Evelyn was lazy so she took a nap on the bed.

Keeping Nikki safe

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May 26 with Laurel_001

Nikki was looking very innocent standing at Psi’s and I was in a bit of a naughty mood so I made sure Nikki was safe by binding her in her armbinder and gagged her loosely.  Janice watched and teased while Laurel look on curiously even though she couldn’t do anything from her cage.

Miss Ashley taking care of Nikki

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May 10_003

Before Miss Ashley slipped away for a week, she made sure to take good care of Nikki.

Gwen’s Collaring Day

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Apr 08_001

After a day of celebrating Gwen’s 1st anniversary collaring day with Miss Ashley, many of us returned in the evening to celebrate some more.  We met up at Miss Ashley’s place formally dressed and ready to go except for Jaden who seemed to prefer to be naked and bound.

Apr 08 1_002

Miss Ashley found us a nice place to dance together.  Happy Collaring Day Gwen.

Christmas time at Miss Ashley’s

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Dec 14_004

Miss Ashley Sweet had her Christmas party and many of us came to celebrate.   I certainly had a great time with all of our family and danced all day long.

Dec 14_006

Dec 14 2_005

Dec 14 2_008

Dec 14_009


Some Wandering


Dec 11_002

I wandered into Miss Ashley’s place and found Jaden untied so I corrected that.  Later, Eve made sure Jewel was nicely leashed and controlled.

Dec 13_001

Later I wandered into Psi’s and saw Miss Alexandra playing with her newest pet Amber.  Miss Alexandra does have a bit of a mischievous streak as I was suddenly cuffed and attached to an iron ball while Nikki watched curiously.

Dec 13_005

Finally, I saw my pet Xena come online and quickly wandered home to chat, to cuddle and to cuff tightly.

A gathering of family.

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Dec 03_001

It is always nice to gather together once in a while to chat and play.   You can sense that Christmas was coming when we visited Miss Ashley’s place and saw the Christmas tree in the room with Jaden in her reindeer outfit, Eve in her santa hat and Nikki looking at her huge naughty list.

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