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Jun 05 2017_002

After these 2 lost playing a game of Greedy at Psi’s, they both had to wear cute panties as the punishment.  Both of them did not really think it was terrible punishment though.

Psi in action

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May 21_001

Psi has been a fixture in SL for years but it was amazing to see her in action giving the poor girl, that the sweet and kind Cheryl put into helpless bondage, a few spanks to her exposed butt.

Finding a Bondage Fairy

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Apr 22_002

I have seen Cy around a lot, especially at Lochme, but when I saw her bound by Nikki at Psi’s, I had to take total advantage of her *grins*  Lucky she is gagged tight enough so she cannot complain.

Watch out for Cat’s

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Oct 29_001

Cat’s can be mischievous as I found out while visiting Psi’s.

Be careful if someone is wearing a mask …

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Nov 22 1_001

You could end up cuffed to a wall with a binky stuck in your mouth.

Here’s Dolly

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Nov 09_005

A rare moment that Dolly isn’t in a tight hood so I had to take this picture while she was cleaning up Psi’s.

Something you don’t see everyday …

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Nov 09_007

Meghan … changing a dirty diaper while on a cute blanket … on the floor of the dungeon at Psi’s …

Even the Chagal sisters can be naughty

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Aug 17 3_003

It is strange that even a sweet and kind Caitlin and her sister jiinxi can be naughty during a CBW.  They both seem to like putting others to sleep with their tranq guns :P

Cheryl’s 3rd Rezz Day

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Jun 13_005

Rezzed June 13, 2011

Thank you everyone, I feel your love. *winces rubbing my butt*

Gathered at Psi’s

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Jun 10_002

I cannot remember the last time seeing this many visiting Psi’s recently.  If only my arms were free to help others with their keys.

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