After a long period of bondage …

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Aug 29_012

… Snow Incense feels very naughty and incredibly dominant.

A Bondage Train

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May 09 1_006

Snow came by wearing a mask and looking innocent in white and quickly had me helplessly leashed.  Upon learning that I had Zili’s keys and was bound who in turn had Lizi’s keys and was also bound, Snow took my keys and set me in bondage beside Zili creating a bondage train.  As a result, Snow had control over 3 yet she only had my keys so one can never trust someone wearing a mask.

A Bondage Train

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Kii certainly had her hands full when she was pulling a leash train with Evelyn, Snow and myself on it.

Double Training

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Beatrice was in need and desired a week of very strict and quite harsh training, so with my permission, she was sent to be trained for 1 week.  The training itself seems to be going well, which can been seen here.


Of course, I did tell Miss Snow Incense about Beatrice’s strict training and she was inspired to give me 4 full days of helpless bondage training at the same time.

Cute Snow

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Snow always does look cute when helpless and in tight bondage that she cannot escape.

Hanging at Miss Snow’s place

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Miss Snow wanted me to feel the same excited helplessness that I put her in, earlier in the week, so she had me hanging at her place while my lazy pet Beatrice watched while enjoying a relaxing coffee sitting on a chair.


Later Miss LEE came and helped the ‘evil’ Miss Snow hang beside me while my lazy pet Beatrice still drinks coffee!  No wonder Bea never sleeps *smiles*


Miss Snow has her sweet and naughty moments.  After Miss LEE took care of her, this was a sweet moment.

I can fly

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Actually, I was more of a passenger as Snow was the crazy blimp driver.  I almost felt like I was on the Titanic but at least the blimp did not sink even though Snow did crash into a few trees.  Miss LEE has the blimps available to use which can be found here, and you do not even need a blimp drivers license.

A full pedestal

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Aug 26_018

I think for the first time that I can remember, all 7 pedestal spots were filled.  Snow was kind enough to give me one of the spots on the pedestal while many others watched curiously.

Before and After

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Aug 09_001


Aug 10_001


Helpless Snow

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July 14 2_001

She is often known as Naughty Snow, Evil Snow or Sweet Snow but today she is Helpless Snow.

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