CBW continued

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Jan 14_002

CBW (Cheryl’s Bondage Week) continued at Taby’s and Xena’s beach on Monday and Tuesday.  Fortunately, I was not the only one bound as both Taby and niki both decided to be bound with me.

Jan 14_005

Later after niki had to leave, Xena and Mistress Jenny came and join us.  Xena was already bound and leashed to the bed but Xena wanted everyone to be bound together so she added come nice cuffs and a lovely binky gag to Mistress Jenny.  I hope I will some day get free as Mistress as all my keys!

Everyone is playful

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Dec 28_001

After landing at TCB, I noticed Karin was naked so I kindly helped her into a nice straitjacket to stay warm.  I saw my sweet naked pet tightly bound so I freed her from her cuffs for a little bit so that she can stretch her arms.  Of course, since niki was free, someone had to take her restrictions so I quickly cuffed Taby and Xena nice and tight.  Mistress Jenny noticed the playful atmosphere and slipped on my straitjacket and stuck a binky in my mouth.  Well, I was helpless now and couldn’t be too much more playful but then I was reminded of  Karin’s rule #1 when binding others – take their touch.  I forgot to take Xena’s touch and Mistress Jenny suddenly found herself with a binky in her mouth as well.   Small oops ☺

No one could save this group, not even tightly bound SuperSis.

Christmas at Karin’s

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Dec 22_003

Karin had her Christmas party at her place and nearly everyone in our family came.  Karin gave a nice little speech to all of us and did a wonderful job decorating.

Dec 22_009

One thing I did while at the Christmas party was recollar my pet niki.  The collar I gave her is special since it is given to her from me and it matches my other pet’s Xena’s collar.  Now, they can both see each other as sisters with the same collar.

Dec 22_008

There was one other little surprise as Karin collared Suzanne and was welcomed into our family.  Wow, a day of two collars, it must be Christmas.

Dec 22 1_002

I honestly cannot remember another time that so many of us were online at the same time.

Dec 22_011

After some nice fireworks from Taby, we opened the presents.  Karin’s presents were a little naughty as we experience a little bit of fun restrictions from them.

Dec 22 1_004

After some dancing, Taby and I went to bring Xena home but not before some naughtiness as I locked Xena in her Angel outfit.  Well, the little devil inside Xena came and locked me in my Christmas outfit before she logged off.  Taby smiled thinking Xena forgot to bind her legs but even with the big white mittens I was wearing, I quickly locked Taby’s legs and held on to the keys for Xena or me to open later.

Merry Christmas everyone.

A nice gathering

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Dec 19_004

Many of us found our way to TCB as I met up with my pet niki, my mistress Jenny, my pet Xena, Xena’s partner Taby, my sis Kylie and naughty family Toy Meghan.  It was a nice gathering and a few of us probably found our way onto the naughty list as Miss Jenny kept me safely in a straitjacket leashed first to Kylie then niki then Taby.  Kylie may have looked sweet in innocent in the cage but she was mischievous when she locked Mistress Jenny’s hair on her.  Finally, niki was somehow leashed by me even while I was bound and Taby’s itchy hand found a nice leash on Xena as well.

Some Wandering


Dec 11_002

I wandered into Miss Ashley’s place and found Jaden untied so I corrected that.  Later, Eve made sure Jewel was nicely leashed and controlled.

Dec 13_001

Later I wandered into Psi’s and saw Miss Alexandra playing with her newest pet Amber.  Miss Alexandra does have a bit of a mischievous streak as I was suddenly cuffed and attached to an iron ball while Nikki watched curiously.

Dec 13_005

Finally, I saw my pet Xena come online and quickly wandered home to chat, to cuddle and to cuff tightly.


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Dec 02_001

Xena came online after a very lengthy absence and I had to rub my eyes a couple of times to see if what I was seeing was true.  I immediately brought her to me for a long and needed hug and kiss.  For the next little while, everyone that came to TCB kept saying “Xena!!!” once they saw her online.  Both niki and Karin were very happy to give her a big hug .. well .. niki could only receive the hug.

Dec 02_006

Later, Taby and Miss Jenny came online and we gathered around her and I made sure she was leashed so that she had no chance of sneaking away.  Eve, Janice and Meghan also came to visit and chat since Xena was missing for so long.  Xena explained that she was not back permanently but wanted to see us after such a long period of time and that she doesn’t know when she will next be online or for how much, but I personally felt very happy to be able to spend this time with her.

Dec 02_008

Finally, we all had to go.  So with one last big hug and kiss I reluctantly unleashed her.   I hope to see her again soon but when the time is right for her. *kisses*

Goodbye Xena.


Sep 22 1_005

On September 22, 2013, due to real life issues, Xena had to leave second life.  She is leaving with the thinking that it could very well be a permanent departure from second life but even she cannot say for sure.

I met Xena at TCB in early August 2012 and I was lucky and honored to have her add me as her friend on August 18, 2012.  Throughout the next few months I found that Xena was incredibly interesting to talk to and to restrain.  As a result, she became a great, dear friend.  I soon learned that she did have a bit of a domme streak in her so I had to be fairly quick if I wanted to sneak some cuffs on her and keep her and me safe.  The two of us got along very well and she quickly fit right in to the family.  It really didn’t come as a surprise to anyone at all when Xena asked to be my pet and I accepted so on November 4th, 2012, I put my collar around Xena’s neck and locked it in place.

Over time, Xena grew from her original humble beginnings to a truly incredible member of the second life community where she made many good friends, added her own pets and even took a partner.  She did some amazing scripting and building and became an important member of our family.  I am truly in awe of her amazing growth and considered myself incredibly lucky to have her as my precious and loving pet.

Perhaps, in time, Xena will be able to return to second life and she will know that my arms are open wide to accept her back, whenever it might be.  Whether it is a week from now, a month, a year, a few years … she will have someone to return to.  If she cannot ever come back … she will always know that she is loved.

Goodbye my pet.


Sep 22 1_003

Only on SL …


Sep 01_004

My pet niki transformed into a slug, my pet Xena losing all her clothes while leashed to me, Gwen bound and crawling like a puppy, Mistress Jenny securely kneeling and stuck in a straitjacket, and Eve falling off balconies.  It can only happen on SL.

Happy Rezz Day Eve.

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Evelyn Fetters : Rezzed August 9, 2011.

Aug 08_006

Heather and Xena did a wonderful job on Eve’s Rezz Day by setting up a big cake with a catwalk so that when Eve arrived, Heather popped out of the cake and walked down the catwalk dressed in cherries and whip cream.  Happy 2nd Rezz Day Eve.

Hanging Poses

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Jul 27 1_003

It was so nice to have so many volunteer to try different poses at TCB.  Khianna and niki volunteered to be hogtied, while Xena had a nice sitting pose with Taby leashed to her and Karin was a nice puppy.

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