After a long period of bondage …

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Aug 29_012

… Snow Incense feels very naughty and incredibly dominant.


Zili turns the tables

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Aug 08_002

I am guessing that showing the added animation in the elegance cuffs was probably not such a good idea in front of Zili.

Face to Face

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Jun 16_002

The updated RR Vixen cuffs makes it a lot easier to look into Zili’s eyes while she is in a helpless position.

A Bondage Train

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May 09 1_006

Snow came by wearing a mask and looking innocent in white and quickly had me helplessly leashed.  Upon learning that I had Zili’s keys and was bound who in turn had Lizi’s keys and was also bound, Snow took my keys and set me in bondage beside Zili creating a bondage train.  As a result, Snow had control over 3 yet she only had my keys so one can never trust someone wearing a mask.

4 in a row

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Evelyn, Rebecca, mysterysl, and Zili in a nice line.  The 4 of them get a lot of attention while hanging at Lochme.

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